Lainey lives north of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dogs.

Lainey Reese

A little bit about me

Lainey- born in Tacoma, Washington- was raised mostly in Nevada and California.  The youngest of five, Lainey dreamed of being an actress and starring in blockbuster movies she wrote herself.  As she grew, the dreams of being on the big screen faded but the ones of writing those fantastic stories never did. At 17 Lainey read her first romance novel and knew she’d found her calling.  Here were the stories like the ones in her own heart and mind, and like tumblers falling into position on a combination lock, everything just clicked into place and the world was open to her.

It took a long time before she could work up the courage and belief in herself to try but finally, in 2010 Lainey held her breath and took the leap.  Her first novel A Table For Three debuted in February and she hasn’t looked back since. Nor has she given up hope that one day, she will be sitting in a theater and it will be one of her stories on the big screen…

Along with her husband and two dogs, Lainey lives in Marysville, Washington and they have a daughter going to college in Bellingham. Look for Lainey’s edge of your seat adventure The Pod coming later in 2019.